Posted on: February 11, 2008 1:32 pm
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How hard is it!?!?!?!

Ok so this weekend I buy my fav cereal (Lucky Charms) and Yesterday I went to enjoy a bowl. When I grabbed the box I noticed some one had beat me to it and had a bowl or two for the weight of the box. When I opened the box the bag was ripped in half and the cereal was all over the place. I reached in and grabbed a piece and ate it only to find it had gone stale already! So I sat my kids down and taught then the propper way to open plastic bags. So I told them it is all in the wrists and you dont pull out for if you do sthff like this (motioning to the stale 3/4 full box of Lucky Charms) will happen. I explained when you open a plastic bag of any kind you grab each side and roll your wrists inward forcing even pressure to to the melted seal, this easily opens the bag with minimal effort and no more ripped bags with stale anything! So yeah that was my productive weekend in the fridged Chicago aera.............I got drunk too so all was not lost

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Posted on: February 6, 2008 10:22 am

NO SMOKING!?!?!? and Other Random Crap

I live in Illinois and we went to a smoke free state as of January 1. You can't smoke with in 15 feet of a public place,  there are roped off and tent covered areas for people to go and have a ciggerette. You can drive down the streets any where here Chicago and small town Illinois and see groups of smokers huddled in a cloud of smoke.  Now should they be able to smoke in public or is it good riddence you are killing me? Now I dont smoke and think it is a good thing cause I can go to the bar undetected cause I dont smell like smoke. I was thinking that business would fall off for alot of these businesses but that has not been the case, I actually think they are busier.  Ok Your thoughts do you live in a smoke free state?

 Adult theaters are dying off and in our society of almost any thing goes. Kinda funny when these things were around the you couldn't do and say the things you can on TV today. Last time a Adult Theater was in the news Paul Rubins was busted for tossing his salad and that was the end of my fav tv sohw Pee-Wee's playhouse. I am in the Chicago area and the Adult book store is starting to fall off the map as well. In just 1 year 4 have closed up shop, and I never got to go there........no really I havent...........ok a couple times I did go. Could this be our local, state and federal goverment at work trying to controll what we do,say and watch? Or is it the fact that most of the stuff you can get you can buy it on the internet? where it is a mulit million dollar business.

Should Marijuana be leagalized in the home for medicinal purposes?  

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